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Luis Villa louie at
Mon May 3 12:41:47 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 15:27 -0400, Jeffrey Kay wrote:
> No problem answering questions, regardless.  There's nothing to hide here
> really.  Novell's iFolder is a lot like Apple's iDisk -- central server to
> hold data files which are then synced to users as they connect.  We're more
> p2p than that -- the relays (, for example) is a store and
> forward node, so it doesn't get to see any of the files or messages passing
> through.  You don't have to trust it much, really, since it can't read any
> of the data or even really know what it's sending (of course it can identify
> senders and recipients and the amount of data passing between them, but
> that's it really). 

Ah- so more like iFolder3 than iFolder 2. ifolder 3 (source available
under GPL at is totally p2p- no central server necessary at

> In addition, the software includes IM, group conversation, direct file
> transfer between users, and screen sharing.  I've got more coming, stuff
> that's even more interesting than that set of functionality.  (Of course, if
> I could hire a developer or two to help me, I might be able to get some
> sleep in the process.)

Ah, interesting. iFolder is going the p2p way but not the
integrated-everything path, as far as I know. Good luck finding someone,
at any rate.

> The Linux build is for GTK.  It was all built using wxWidgets, with a few
> hundred ifdefs in the code for where wx doesn't quite fit the bill.

Interesting. wxWidgets seems to be picking up some steam.

Thanks for the information, and good luck-

> On 5/3/04 3:12 PM, "Luis Villa" <louie at> wrote:
> > On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 15:04 -0400, Jeffrey Kay wrote:
> >> Thought I'd test out the social network :-)
> >> 
> >> I'm looking for a junior to mid-level software developer with C++ skills,
> >> preferably on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux).  No relocations
> >> -- must be in the DC area.  Must have a degree in CS or related.  Tasks
> >> include everything from software development to documentation to testing.
> >> 
> >> I'm also looking for a product marketing professional who can help out with
> >> collateral, web site, community development, and the like.  Must have a
> >> degree in a related area.  Again, no relocations -- must be in the DC area.
> >> 
> >> Details about the company are at
> > 
> > Curious, Jeff- the Linux version- is that gtkmm?
> > 
> > I'm also curious how this compares to Novell's iFolder, but you should
> > feel free to pass on answering that question since it comes from me :)
> > 
> > Luis
> > 
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