[FoRK] Masala: internal enterprise search from IBM

Rohit Khare rohit at ics.uci.edu
Tue May 4 01:10:50 PDT 2004

 From http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/integration/search_qa.html

What is Project Masala?
  Project Masala is the next wave of IBM information integration 
capabilities being developed to help clients grapple with the issue of 
getting the most value out of their existing information assets.

What are we announcing?
  Search is a fundamental capability within a company’s information 
management infrastructure. Masala provides advanced search capabilities 
to be released this year in DB2 Information Integrator.

How does Masala search compare to internet search services?
  Internet search services are concentrated on the needs of the consumer 
Internet market; whereas IBM is focused on the unique pain points of 
enterprise users who need to quickly find relevant corporate content.

What is the business problem we are trying to solve?
  Businesses lose money when relevant business information is 
unavailable to employees. IBM is targeting the core issue of finding 
the right information, to the right people without the IT complexity of 
existing solutions.

How does Masala search relate to other search initiatives within IBM ?
WebSphere Portal provides basic search capabilities for Portal content. 
Masala adds broader content access, scaling to support larger 
implementations (500K+ documents), and is enabled for rich text 

DB2 Content Manager Masala search provides native functionality to 
search both rich text documents and metadata for files stored in DB2 
Content Manager along with other enterprise content.

DB2 Net Search Extender provides high-speed, scalable, integrated 
full-text search capabilities to DB2 Universal Database. Masala 
provides search for text documents stored in DB2 Universal Database and 
other enterprise data sources.

How is Masala search related to WebFountain?
  Masala and WebFountain share technologies but serve different needs. 
WebFountain is a hosted solution focused on advanced analytics for the 
internet, while Masala provides search and analytics capabilities for 
enterprise content.

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