[FoRK] Outsourcing fascism

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed May 5 13:37:40 PDT 2004

"Common law" is often referred to as a heritage
that underlies constiutional rights.  Some subversion
of the term would fit right in.  Some cross between
that and Tobinistic economic terminology mixed in
with Stepford Wivesian "fiction creating fact" and Boys from
Brazilian manufactured "the seeds of evil can
grow in all of us" Lord of the flies sort of way.

I like the idea that neo-Keyensian is phonetically
similar to numb thinking, so I suggest iocaine powder law:
Never go against the government when politics is on the line.



Russell Turpin wrote:
> Very much so. In many of the kleptocracies to which
> you refer, the laws themselves are quite reasonable.
> The nefariousness occurs only in practice, perhaps
> institutionalized, but not formalized and boasted.
> In the US, when the drug companies want protection
> from reimportation, they don't simply hire goons
> simply to stop the stores and websites that
> facilitate this. Instead, they get the desired
> favoritism written into law, escorted by political
> justifications, worked into regulatory bureaucracies,
> and sometimes even propagated into international
> treaties.

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