[FoRK] Re: Michael Moore vs. the Bush Inc. subsidiary called DISNEY

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Thu May 6 12:24:01 PDT 2004

JT says:

> > Whatever you think about Michael Moore (and I have a hefty standard
> > semantic filter just for him) --- this is just bad, bad, bad.
> Why is it bad?

It's bad because no matter what you think of the causes and forces 
involved, any interpretation comes up a net loss.  Either it's Eisner 
toadying for political favoritism, or Moore fanning the flames of an 
already out-of-control political wildfire (with collateral damage to 
Disney) --- or both.  (My money's on both.)

>  If I owned a film distribution company, I wouldn't
> distribute Moore's stuff.

Well, there you and I would differ.  IMHO this would be an economic 
decision, ideally.  Hell, if Hannity (who I despise probably more than 
any other talking head) made documentaries with the same economics as 
Moore, I'd distribute HIS work. ;-)

> Sounds to me like this is just a publicity stunt timed for Cannes.

I doubt it's "just" any one thing.  There's a mess o' ugliness here.


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