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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Thu May 6 13:35:58 PDT 2004


Autodesk Makes it Faster and Easier to Trial Software

Streamed AutoCAD 2005 trialware now available to potential customers 
across Europe, Middle East and

4 May 2004 – Autodesk, the world's leading design software and digital 
content company, has announced the availability of Endeavors 
Technology’s AppExpress on-demand application, to enable potential 
customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to download 
AutoCAD 2005 trialware direct from the Internet.

The application means new users can try out the software from their 
desktop when it is convenient to them and without the need to wait for a 
trial CD to be sent in the post.

“Thanks to Endeavors’ AppExpress on-demand application, Autodesk 
technology can be delivered to the customer faster, when and where it is 
needed,” said John Goodman, sales and marketing execution manager for 
Autodesk’s EMEA Platform Technology Division.  “This is a major step 
forward in the way our customers can evaluate the full capabilities of 
AutoCAD 2005 in the shortest timeframe. The link to the trial version is 
on all of Autodesk’s local country web sites. AutoCAD 2005 is streamed 
to the desktop over the internet and can be used for 30 days .”

He added that there are around one million existing AutoCAD users in 
Europe, and is confident that by making it easier to trial the software, 
it will increase demand for the new 2005 version.  Already AutoCAD has 
been successfully streamed to tens of thousands of new users in the US 
over the past year.

The US has also seen increased sales, improved margins and shortened 
sales cycles for products such as AutoCAD® 2004, Revit®, and Discreet®’s 
3ds max® in the two years since selecting AppExpress on-demand technology.

AppExpress is proving a sound and repeatable business model for 
independent software vendors looking for a piracy-free, trackable 
solution of putting full product software in the hands of prospects in 
the shortest timeframe. It reduces evaluation software costs by 
eliminating the process of producing and shipping trialware CD-ROMs to 

AppExpress is certified for Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Standard, 
Enterprise, and Datacenter Editions.  Endeavors Technology is a Gold 
Certified Partner of Microsoft.  More at www.endeavors.com.

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