"CFR" Re: [FoRK] Michael Moore vs. the Bush Inc. subsidiarycalled DISNEY

tom poe tompoe at amihost.com
Fri May 7 09:53:59 PDT 2004

Hi, Russel:  What if we looked at the lobbying topic as one where the
Digital Age empowers the individual.  In such an environment, it is easy
for all Americans to communicate with our governmental representatives,
thereby removing the necessity of relying on informed lobbyists to carry
the word to Washington.  Rather than censor paid corporate lobbyists,
let's consider doing away with all lobbyists, and let the
representatives hear from all Americans.  In our country, the cost of
communicating is now cheap enough, there's no longer any justification
for governmental representatives to limit their communications to just
their local constituents.  I should be able to express my views with any
and all governmental representatives acting on legislation which impacts
me, regardless of which state, municipality the representative operates
from.  If a congressman is going to listen to paid lobbyists from all
over the country, they should listen to individuals from all over the

On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 09:32, Russell Turpin wrote:
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> Almost. There's a part of me that would forbid
> corporate business from lobbying. Sure, let them
> publish what they want. And if Congressmen want
> to read it, that's fine. But I see no reason to ever
> have a paid representative of a corporate business
> anywhere near Congress, except when Congress
> has requested their testimony. Congress is
> supposed to represent "we, the people," and
> we, the states, not we, the shareholder.
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