[FoRK] Has anyone generated an XML representation of the Windows Registry?

Gavin Thomas Nicol gtn at rbii.com
Mon May 17 07:33:58 PDT 2004

On Sunday 16 May 2004 09:17 pm, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> If so, I'd be interested in comparing notes on how to handle multi-strings,
> how to represent non-printing characters in string values, etc.

I (we) did this a number of years ago. Basically, we just ended up doing 
something like this:

<entry id="com" display=".com Namespace">
     <entry id="rbii" display="RBII Namespace">
        <value type="int">2345</value>
        <value type="string">Abcd</value>

We never needed multi-strings, but I'd go with multiple values, or perhaps 
nested <str> elements inside the <value> tag. Non-printing characters can be 
represented using the Unicode value (numeric character references) which 
would look like &#xUUUU;

I wrote a funky little indexing package allowed lookup by qualified name, such 
as "com.rbii.foo". FWIW. This is in some ways cleaner than Java resource 
bundles too, so we ended up using this for some of the I18N stuff too.

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