[FoRK] MP3 Players

Jeffrey Kay jeff at k2.com
Mon May 17 13:11:08 PDT 2004

This seems like a good question to throw out to the FoRK community.  I need
to replace my MP3 player (an Archos MMJB 20 GB unit) -- the battery is shot
and the headphone connector is broken (I may try to repair it myself, but
I'm expecting that it will not be worth the repair cost to send it in).  The
thing I liked about it the best was that I could work from the file names
and just drag and drop files into it easily -- I never really used any music
software on my PC to synchronize (I used treecomp under windows to compare
the directory trees).

I've been digging around and reading a million reviews, but haven't come to
any conclusions about what to buy next.  Here's my short list (although I'll
consider others) --

Ipod 20 (3G) -- the most expensive of the lot, does not include pitch
control (which I like to use to learn songs where the artists tune their
guitars down), does not organize with file names (so I have to weed out
duplicates and make sure that the individual songs that were downloaded all
have correct ID3 tags, clearly the market leader, cannot use controls when
wearing gloves (will be a bit of a hassle on my motorcycle) but no moving

Rio Karma -- does not record, has moving parts, but has awesome audio
capabilities including pitch control, requires special software to move
files to it

Dell Jukebox -- I know the least about this player, don't really think that
Dell is in the audio player business, long battery life.

What do you own out there? 20 GB seems to hold me pretty well, so I don't
think I'll need the 40 GB unit.  I'd like the unit to work with both my Mac
and my PC, so the firewire interface for the iPod interests me (I have FW on
my PC already -- works great with my external 250 GB disk).  I'm leaning
hard in the iPod direction (found a good price for one online), but I'm
willing to be swayed if someone out there has some different perspective.

-- jeff

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