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Tue May 18 08:25:31 PDT 2004

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Simulate "The Day After Tomorrow" On Your PC
Posted by timothy on Tuesday May 18, @06:23AM
from the well-not-on-mine dept.
kpearson writes "climateprediction.net, a distributed computing project 
to predict Earth's climate 50 years from now, has a new add-on project 
to study THC slowdown (how climate might change as CO2 changes in the 
event of a decrease in the strength of the thermohaline circulation). 
This kind of rapid, extreme climate change is shown in the movie The 
Day After Tomorrow, in which New York City is treated to a 
10,000-year-long ski season. Anyone can download the project's client 
software and participate in the simulation. climateprediction.net was 
previously mentioned in the September 13, 2003 article Distributed 
Computing and Climate Change." Clients are available for various 
varieties of Microsoft Windows, but none are listed for other OSes.


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