[FoRK] Roll Over, Red Rover

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Tue May 18 14:51:45 PDT 2004

FYI, the poet is Michael Bennett ...

Roll Over, Red Rover

Life on Mars, if there, is sparse, for who would wish to stay
For all his time in such a clime: immersed in dust and clay?
But might there be some lost ET,
The last one of his company,
On Gusev Crater's rim, at some Creator's whim?

If such a one, far from the sun, in frigid solitude,
Were asked to share his arid lair, would not he think it rude?
To force him to move over
Now to share his space with Rover:
An ugly mate that cruel fate had brought there to intrude?

But when the Spirit moves you with its wheels upon your back,
And threatens thus to groove you, and to wipe you out, alack -
You cannot walk or fly,
So you might as well comply:
To seek accommodation and adapt to the attack!

Despite his trepidation and with most unearthly guile,
The misanthropic Martian smiled a crafty little smile,
And thus became a suitor
To the voyaging computer
So that no one could reboot her as she babbled all the while.

How they gnashed their teeth at NASA as they heard her beep and cry;
They wrung their hands and flung commands and could not fathom why;
They cursed at her perversity,
And rued their own adversity,
While up on Mars the mission was accomplished with a sigh.

Few things end up as they start out -
Orson Welles, go eat your heart out!

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