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Meltsner, Kenneth writes:
> Microsoft points to the great things that Windows provides beyond the
> capabilities of a classic Unix-based OS when comments like this come up
> -- e.g. Windows has lots of code devoted to clever pop-up notifications
> and bubbles, whereas Unix would just 'wall' or send a line to the
> console.  
> Pareto's Law question:
> Has anyone kept statistics on which parts of Windows cause the majority
> of the problems?  And can we turn those parts off?  Windows messaging,
> for example, or the NetBIOS related crud are services that almost any
> Windows user would be better off without.
> And beyond simple excision of problematic and unneeded components, it
> would also be useful to know which parts of Windows are troublesome, but
> necessary.  Back in the old days, for example, the graphics stuff was
> notoriously leaky and unstable -- possibly the price paid for intimate
> coupling between the OS, the graphics hardware, and the user interface
> without the rigid control over hardware that Apple had.  By comparison,
> you could crash your Unix box's X server, but it would just get
> restarted without the need to reboot the entire system.  I don't
> remember which other subsystems caused admins to reboot periodically as
> part of preventative maintenance.

Don't forget that in NT4, MS made the *explicit* design choice to put more
graphics driver code into Ring 0 (if I recall correctly), thereby making
NT significantly *less* stable to gain some graphics performance.

- --j.

> Ken
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> Meltsner, Kenneth:
> >Yep, as hard as it is for me to admit it, Windows XP has a great 
> >suspend capability on my laptop ..
> I think part of the issue is just stability. XP is the first version of
> Windows I've used that would run for more than a few days without
> crashing or leaking resources. Yep, that's nice. On the other hand, that
> has been de rigeur in most other operating systems for the past quarter
> century.
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