[FoRK] Or... 1 TB for free

Luis Villa louie at ximian.com
Wed May 19 11:59:24 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 15:56 -0300, Owen Byrne wrote:
> Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> > I get ~ 85MB of spam per year.
> >
> > With 20% growth year-over-year... five years?
> >
> > -Ian.
> 1E12. Try a few thousand years assuming that constant growth rate. 
> Another poster suggested it would not be inconceivable for Google to 
> take a relatively small
> chunk of that IPO money and build something that could store all the 
> email in the world.

Or all the books in the world. Think google-able Library of Alexandria.
I keep hearing tidbits that they are working with the Stanford library
system on this, but never anything concrete. Anyone here know more about


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