[FoRK] Or... 1 TB for free

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Wed May 19 12:07:54 PDT 2004

More and more, I find myself (if trying to remember how large some
computer thing was in the past) remembering the subjective "feel" of
how large or fast it was, then remembering the approximate year, and
then adjusting to calculate the actual size.

E.g. I remember a single floppy in '79 feeling about as roomy as
the average laptop disk (20GB or 40GB) now. In fact when I
think about storage on the IMSAI, it seems incredible that it
didn't have a hard disk. And yet I remember several years later,
when a professor at Harvey Mudd had bought a 10 MB disk
for his Compaq, thinking how stupid that was because (1)
it was far too large to back up onto floppy in any reasonable
amount of time, and (2) there was no way anyone could fill
up that much space.

- Joe

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