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Wed May 19 17:46:04 PDT 2004

Anything that frustrates Tom DeLay HAS to be a good thing.  :-/



GOP leaders pushing $2.4 trillion budget

 From Ted Barrett
CNN Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Prospects for passing a budget through Congress 
remain in doubt even as the House and Senate prepare to vote on new 
compromise legislation, according to congressional leaders.

The $2.4 trillion bill -- which the House may vote on as early as 
Wednesday night -- has been stalled by moderate Republican senators who 
insist that any new tax cuts be paid for with offsets in other areas of 
the budget, something GOP conservatives oppose.

The budget -- essentially a blueprint for individual spending bills -- 
is expected to win House approval, but prospects for its passage in the 
Senate are far from certain. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill 

"I just can't believe that once this bill passes the House and gets 
over to the Senate, that those three or four senators are gonna bring 
down one of the best budgets we ever seen over an issue that makes it 
difficult for Republicans to give tax relief," said a frustrated 
Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas.

The budget plan sets government spending levels for 2005, but the 
Senate moderate Republicans want the "pay-as-you-go" requirement to be 
enforced for the next five years. GOP leaders have offered a one-year 

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Illinois, echoed DeLay's frustration, 
saying House Republicans are fed up with capitulating to the Senate.

"For a long time, the House of Representatives tried to bow and scrape 
and do everything we could to get along with the Senate. We need to 
work together. But we have to pass what we can pass in this House. Our 
members will not be tied down in the future years of not being able to 
react to the economy and do the things we need to do in a responsible 

House leaders want to make permanent President Bush's tax cuts and pass 
new cuts they believe will strengthen the economy. Under the 
"pay-as-you-go" restrictions, the Senate would have to get over a 
difficult 60-vote hurdle to pass tax cuts without offsets.

"I think it behooves them to find the votes," Hastert continued. "To 
have a small number of people dictate to this nation what they can do 
and can't do is just not acceptable."

GOP leaders would not outline what their strategy will be if the Senate 
doesn't pass the bill, which Senate Budget Committee Chairman Don 
Nichols, R-Oklahoma, said will be on the floor Thursday.

In the past, Republicans have been very critical of Democrats for not 
passing budgets, so not getting a budget passed through a 
Republican-controlled House and Senate could be politically 

"It's not easily done," Nichols conceded about the bill's prospects in 
the Senate. But, he said, "I hope people who have reservations will 
compare the difference between having a budget and not having a 

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