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Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu May 20 01:21:47 PDT 2004

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Eugen Leitl writes:
> On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 11:56:30AM -0700, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> > Oh, wait.  He said TERAbyte.  Holy cow.
> This isn't financially worthwhile, yet. Anyways, it was a programming
> mistake, concerning a few Gmail users. A GByte is enough for most people, 
> even considering those pesky video attachments. 
> Speaking of indexing, I have some 20 CDs worth of HTMLized computer
> periodicals to index. What's a good search engine (preferably plain C, though
> some Java might be tolerable -- what's the name of the email indexing Java
> search engine thingy we were talking about earlier?).

Namazu's my recommendation; GPL'd, parses HTML well.

> Thanks.
> P.S. Do check out Fedora Core 2 (Tettnang), I'm running x86_64 on Athlon64 right now,
> and subpixel smoothing (for LCDs) is there at least). It's nowhere near Aqua
> country, of course, but it's making some steps to get there.

Keith Packard is doing great stuff in that field nowadays ;)

> X performance still sucks, though.

- --j.
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