[FoRK] Cool toy from the folks at CMU

Meltsner, Kenneth Kenneth.Meltsner at ca.com
Thu May 20 13:38:03 PDT 2004

One more from Brad Myers and his merry band of HCI students: Citrine.

Citrine is a Windows program that watches your clipboard, recognizes
common structured chunks of information, and will attempt to paste them
into HTML forms properly.  There's also support for an automatic dialer,
vcards, and other instruments of mass distraction.



"Citrine is a system that extends the widespread copy-and-paste
interaction technique to situations where it was previously tedious or
unavailable. Citrine infers structure from copied text and allows users
to paste the structured information, which might have many pieces, with
a single paste operation. For example, using Citrine, a user can copy an
address from an email signature, and then fill in the multiple fields of
MapQuest's web-based form with a single paste. This contrasts with
having to copy each field individually. Citrine recognizes addresses,
contact information, appointments, and bibliographic references from
text, and can be easily extended to recognize other types of structured
information. Citrine works with modified and unmodified real-world
applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, the Palm
Desktop, and EndNote. A user study has shown that Citrine is well-liked
and allows users to perform common copy-and-paste tasks faster than
previously possible."


Reminiscent of Apple's Data Detectors, except that it works within
Windows and your current programs (if you use MS Office), and has at
least one "killer" feature -- the parse-n-paste of address information
into appropriate form text fields.

I'll see whether I keep using it once the novelty wears off.

Ken Meltsner

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