[FoRK] Re: Mises: Will We Run Out of Energy? by Mark Brandly

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Thu May 20 17:51:46 PDT 2004

> How [is Russell] investing for the prediction of more expensive oil and
> energy?

Think, man, think!

When the apocalypse comes, and even
the laws of physics change, how will
the devolved members of c.h.v.n.k be
able to build choppers and tallbikes,
to lead humanity from rubble to the
pleasure gardens?

The mig welders will be the first to
fall silent, their supply of wire cut
off as preapocalypse industrial plants
offline.  Next will be the buzz boxes.
(though no one will miss them due to
their normal tendency to blow dribbly
holes in what were hoped to have been
tubing joints)

Only the gas welders will remain, with
their hiss and blue flame the promise
of prometheus to the scattered remnants
of dehumanity.

Teams of outsize blue mutant oxen will
be put to work, spinning their granny
geared four hooved clipless traction
bicycles, powering refrigeration units
for the ramshackle towers in which air
is liquified and the oxygen tapped off.

But from where will the acetylene come?

Produced by the copious hydroelectric
power available from the fastness of
Lord High Protector Turpin's alpine
redoubt, and traded by his network of
neo-clipper tall ships, carbide will
be worth its weight in gold, and he,
proprietor of Lone Star Carbide, will
have a corner on its market.


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