[FoRK] My irony meter just blew a fuse

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Fri May 21 05:31:26 PDT 2004

1. “The arrogance, inconsistency, and unreliability of the administration's
diplomacy have undermined American alliances, alienated friends, and
emboldened our adversaries.”

2. “Gerrymandered congressional districts are an affront to democracy
and an insult to the voters. We oppose that and any other attempt to
rig the electoral process.”

3. “The current administration has casually sent American armed forces
on dozens of missions without clear goals, realizable objectives, favorable
rules of engagement, or defined exit strategies.  Over the past seven
years, a shrunken American military has been run ragged by a deployment
tempo that has eroded its military readiness. Many units have seen their
operational requirements increased four-fold, wearing out both people
and equipment.”

4. “An administration that lives by evasion, coverup, stonewalling, and
duplicity has given us a totally discredited Department of Justice.”

5. “The Social Security surplus is off-limits, off budget, and will not be
touched. We will not stop there, for we are also determined to protect
Medicare and to pay down the national debt. Reducing that debt is both
a sound policy goal and a moral imperative. Our families and most states
are required to balance their budgets; it is reasonable to assume the
federal government should do the same. Therefore, we reaffirm our
support for a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget.”

Those are from the 2000 Republican Platform. Maybe Bush got
confused, and thought he was reading the Party Gameplan?

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