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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Fri May 21 13:24:40 PDT 2004

Hardware-based RETE networks?


Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:

> It's hard to take seriously companies that allow their PR reps to make
> statements like this:
> "Tarari's purpose-built silicon for XML processing is enabled by a core
> technology called a Simultaneous XPath engine which produces results
> directly from the input XML document, whereas DOM or SAX-based systems
> need to create an in-memory representation of the document. RAX may be
> proposed as an industry standard."
> Pray tell, how does it do it without putting a representation of the XML
> document into some sort of memory?  Or does it read a hard disk by touch
> using some sort of magnetic Braille encoding?
> Michael Leventhal has been around long enough (judging from his
> participation in the XML community) to know better, so I'm going to
> blame it on the suits.
> Ken Meltsner

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