[FoRK] Re: I think the word you're looking for is...

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Sat May 22 12:27:27 PDT 2004

GB says:

> Anyways, on FoRK, I participate out of friendship for Rohit.  He
> only has to ask and I'll happily unsubscribe

For the record, Greg, I've never had any particular desire to see you 
unsubscribe, and despite my weariness with your behavior vis-a-vis my 
own participation, I think it would be a loss to the list for you to 
go.  My only request is that you simply cease the constant, grousing, 
kvetching meta-participation and pot shots about my own --- or anyone 
else's --- participation.  Live and let live.  If you can't say 
something nice, don't say anything.  Etc.  I can respond positively to 
your own posts, even when we disagree.  Cf:


for a recent example.  But when you spontaneously start bitching about 
me (or, as in this case, about the state of the list in general, though 
no doubt you attribute that to me or a smallish group of participants 
not in your approved clique) you're just degrading the quality of the 
experience for everyone, and as mentioned I'm not inclined to let that 
go.  It should be quite clear at this point where the defections start; 
  and it should be equally clear from the last few weeks of relative 
improvement of StN that it's within your power to improve things.

> I like the principles of the FoRK FAQ

+1, no contest.  Although I think perhaps you've selectively misread 
it, particularly the bits about "performance art" and "bits."

> as I feel it's really what created the
> community and I think political theatrics and thoughtless bitpushing,

Oh, you mean (per the latter) such as Rohit does when he contributes, 
such as:



Who are you to judge what thought went into anyone else's choice of 
bits to forward?  Who are you to assess someone else's intentions?  Are 
you the final arbiter of FoRK taste and propriety?

Either enjoy the list for what it is today or not, but please --- just 
stop with the pogroms, the snits, and the whining.  Please.


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