[FoRK] I think the word you're looking for is...

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Sat May 22 18:48:35 PDT 2004

Gregory Alan Bolcer:
>The abundance of gladiator and samurai movies in
>the past few years must mean our society is trying to collectively combat a 
>lack of perceived code of honor, military tradition, or just downright 
>for principle on something. ..

Either that, or lawyers, patent clerks, programmers,
and other information workers are dreaming of a
time when work involved the spilling of sweat and
blood. Or maybe they just want to whack the head
off their boss or coworker that frustrates them. Or
maybe they long for the cool uniforms, neither
neckties nor tshirts. Or maybe they imagine
themselves (as Tom Cruise or Russell Crowe) getting
more women. Or maybe... well, we could imagine
causes all day, right?

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