[FoRK] GOP != Idiot: Republican chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee "gets it"

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Sun May 23 16:10:36 PDT 2004

Given that there are a fair number of people with Clue(tm), and given
that Kerry is best summarized here [1] is there actually space at some
point for a well-organized, well-funded centrist party?



On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 18:04 -0500, Contempt for Meatheads wrote:
> GOP senator rips Bush on Iraq, terrorism
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> By Mark Pratt
> May 23, 2004  |  MEDFORD, Mass. (AP) -- Republican Sen. Richard G. 
> Lugar on Saturday said the United States isn't doing enough to stave 
> off terrorism and criticized President Bush for failing to offer solid 
> plans for Iraq's future.
> Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the 
> nation must prevent terrorism from taking root around the world by 
> "repairing and building alliances," increasing trade, supporting 
> democracy, addressing regional conflicts and controlling weapons of 
> mass destruction.
> Unless the country commits itself to such measures, "we are likely to 
> experience acts of catastrophic terrorism that would undermine our 
> economy, damage our society and kill hundreds of thousands, if not 
> millions, of people," the Indiana senator said during an appearance at 
> the Fletcher School at Tufts University.
> Lugar said military might alone isn't enough to eradicate terrorism.
> "To win the war against terrorism, the United States must assign U.S. 
> economic and diplomatic capabilities the same strategic priority that 
> we assign to military capabilities," he said.
> He later added, "Military action is necessary to defeat serious and 
> immediate threats to our national security. But the war on terrorism 
> will not be won through attrition _ particularly since military action 
> will often breed more terrorists and more resentment of the United 
> States."
> Lugar, who was awarded the Dean's Medal for distinguished service in 
> international affairs, said it's still unclear how much control the 
> Iraqi people will have over their nation's security when power is 
> transferred to them June 30.
> "I am very hopeful that the president and his administration will 
> articulate precisely what is going to happen as much as they can, day 
> by day, as opposed to a generalization," he said.
> It's not the first time that Lugar has criticized Bush, a fellow 
> Republican. In 2003, Lugar and Sen. Joseph Biden, the committee's top 
> Democrat, warned that the Bush administration had not given enough 
> consideration to what would happen in Iraq after the fighting ended.
> Also Saturday, Lugar blamed the Bush and Clinton administrations for 
> not adequately funding the foreign affairs budget, noting that the 
> military's budget is more than 13 times what the nation spends for 
> diplomacy.
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