[FoRK] Punk'd!

Udhay Shankar N udhay at pobox.com
Mon May 24 19:44:35 PDT 2004

At 11:47 PM 5/24/2004, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

>CIA estimates of 1 million dead, 2 million wounded, 100,000
>imprisoned, 2.5 million refugees, a trillion dollars of damage
>to both countries economies, and a whole generation on both
>sides decimated.

To live between a rock and a hard place
In between time --
Cruising in prime time -- soaking up the cathode rays

To live between the wars in our time --
Living in real time --
Holding the good time -- Holding on to yesterdays...

You know how that rabbit feels
Going under your speeding wheels
Bright images flashing by
Like windshields towards a fly
Frozen in the fatal climb -- but the wheels of time --
Just pass you by...

Wheels can take you around
Wheels can cut you down

We can go from boom to bust
 From dreams to a bowl of dust
We can fall from rockets' red glare
Down to "Brother can you spare --"
Another war -- another waste land --
And another lost generation...

(Rush, _Between The Wheels_)

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