[FoRK] RVW 0.2 (fwd)

Lucas Gonze lgonze at panix.com
Wed Jun 9 09:49:47 PDT 2004

A vertical syndication format, orthogonal to RSS.

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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 16:12:08 +0200
From: Alf Eaton <a at pmbrowser.info>
Subject: RVW 0.2

To those people who might be interested,

I've put a new version of the RVW format for reviews metadata online -
this time I've tried to fit it into all of Atom, RSS and RDF (as well
as TypeLists, where it's already used). If you have a minute, I'd
appreciate any comments you might have about anything I might have
missed, suitability for your uses, problems with changing to a
percentage rating, misuse of namespaces, that kind of thing.

I made a brief post here:
and the actual document (no official specifications yet) is here:

I haven't produced any examples for reviewing things other than books,
movies and music - the idea is that you can put whatever metadata you
like to describe the subject of the review, including unique
identifiers if possible, and aggregators will make use of it
selectively as best as they can. I also haven't gone into specifying
the creator of the review - that could be FOAF or some other digital
identifier, but it's outside the scope of what I wanted to achieve.

There's a (slightly related) HTML-producing review-formatting tool here
now: http://alf.hubmed.org/cgi-bin/rvw.cgi - it only produces the post,
not the metadata, but sitting on top of a blogging system it might be
an easy way for people to identify the object they want to write about
without having to search out the identifier for themselves.


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