[FoRK] October Surprise Poll

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Wed Jun 9 11:56:55 PDT 2004

Lorin Rivers wrote:

>What's it going to be?
>Osama bin Laden captured!
> 38.0%
>Spectacular terrorist attack on US soil!
> 17.8%
>Vote is threatened by terrorist attacks, vote suspended due to red alert.
> 15.5%
>Diebold Election Systems fixes the vote in battleground states.
> 11.1%
>Escalation in Israel, Iran, or North Korea. US opens a new war front.
> 7.3%
>WMD's found in Iraq!
> 5.3%
>US pulls out of Iraq in October, leaving the UN in charge.
> 5.0%
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Well I'd bet on one based on what happened here last fall. A hurricane 
hits Boston or New York or vicinity circa the end of September.


>     Why did a category-two Hurricane hit Nova Scotia?
> *An explanation of the unusual intensity of Hurricane Juan
> Prepared by Chris Fogarty
> Hurricane Researcher, Canadian Hurricane Centre
> October 24, 2003*
> It is not rare for hurricanes to strike Nova Scotia (once every three 
> years lately), but usually they are barely hurricane strength when 
> they reach our shores. Hurricane Juan made landfall on September 29th, 
> 2003 as a marginal category two hurricane with maximum sustained wind 
> speeds of 85 knots (158 km/h). Based on hurricane records during the 
> past 100 years, it appears that such a strong hurricane in Nova Scotia 
> occurs only once in 50 years.
> <http://www.ns.ec.gc.ca/weather/hurricane/juan/photos/ocean_temp_e.gif>
> So what made Juan so powerful when it reached Nova Scotia? The answer 
> to that question has a lot to do with the unusually warm ocean surface 
> water temperatures during the tail end of September 2003.



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