[FoRK] Open-Source Communities and ERP-Software?

Meltsner, Kenneth Kenneth.Meltsner at ca.com
Mon Jun 14 15:55:45 PDT 2004

Postgres is pretty cool, and has benefited from having "many eyes" looking at it.  And it's amenable to variations, like the continuous data stream query modifications from the Telegraph project.


Invariably, someone will benchmark Ingres 3 against the next Postgres version;  with any luck, they'll actually understand databases and not produce yet another specious comparison.  It'd be especially cool if they compare multi-server configurations.

The interesting issue (for me) is whether the Ingres open-source project will be friendly to such variants.  The Common Public License-variant implies otherwise, but I know nothing either way.  My guess is that this is all uncharted territory for CA's management, and customer demand will determine what we do.

I suspect the real impact of open source DBs (right now) is on Microsoft's SQL  Server, not Oracle.   A lot of SQL Server projects are overgrown Access databases, which hints that a Access/MySQL->Postgres migration toolkit might be a really good idea. 

Oracle, in turn, considers DB2 and SS to be its competitors.  Blindness to challenges from the low-end (they don't take SS seriously, I suspect, and view it as a competitor only on price, not features) will certainly keep Postgres under its radar for a while longer.   Low-end blindness is a common symptom of expensive products with direct sales forces, and isn't easily cured.
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Kenneth Meltsner wrote:
> PostgreSQL isn't the only "real" open source DB out there.
> Don't forget SAP DB (free, spun out of SAP) and the upcoming Ingres*
> open-source version.

Okay, true enough.  I should have said that it was the "best" free
choice.  I don't know anyone who seems to think that SAP-DB is a better
choice than Postgres.  There is also Firebird/Interbase (or whatever
they are calling it this week), which seems to be a "mostly dead"
product.  Among these, Postgres is a pretty easy winner.

I don't know anything about Ingres, so I can't really compare that.

The feature freeze for the next big release of Postgres (which will be
major -- tons of new important features and improvements) is in two
weeks, and is being aggressively developed these days.  It seems
unlikely that another database would be able to grab much open source
mindshare unless it was substantially better (not many choices there any
more) and had a lot of name recognition.  Postgres looks like it has
enough momentum now that unless Oracle or DB2 was open sourced tomorrow,
it will stands a strong chance of becoming the de facto open source
"enterprise" RDBMS.

Someone at Oracle has got to be worried about the slow erosion of
marketshare from the bottom.

j. andrew rogers

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