[FoRK] The Matrix Reloaded -- The Architect and Vint Cerf

Jeffrey Kay jeff at k2.com
Tue Jun 15 07:08:04 PDT 2004

I recently saw Matrix Reloaded (yes, I waited until the DVD came out) and
almost fell off my seat when watching the scene where the Architect is
introduced. Although this reference would probably be considered very
unlikely to be recognized by many individuals, I couldn't help but notice a
striking resemblance between The Architect and Dr. Vint Cerf, the "Father of
the Internet". I've had the pleasure to meet with Dr. Cerf on a few
occasions and I've heard him speak several times now at different functions
and the similarities are striking. While their appearances are somewhat
similar, what really hit me was the similarity in their mannerisms, tone of
voice, and general conduct.

So I haven't actually listened to the director's commentary on the DVD yet,
but I plan on jumping over to that scene and checking to see if anything is
said about it. When I googled the subject, I found nothing.

This image [1] is a frame from the movie with the Architect. Inset is a
photo of Dr. Cerf. You can judge for yourself.

Just out of curiosity, did anyone else make the same connection I did?

[1] http://www.k2.com/archives/vint_architect.jpg

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