[FoRK] Open Source Databases

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Tue Jun 15 07:46:43 PDT 2004

JR says:

> I disagree, a lot of the complexity that is there ISN'T there for a
> good reason....  The "intrinsic complexity" argument is very similar
> to the ones made about Linux installations many years ago, which
> were not trivial undertakings.


The "complexity" argument is in general a crutch, a red herring, an 
excuse --- a cop out.  FAR too much software is FAR more complex on 
many dimensions --- problem / solution statement, interfaces, 
implementation, user experience, etc. --- than it should be, and any 
time you hear a software engineer say something to the effect of "it 
had to be that difficult" it's dime-to-dollar usually a lie that means 
"I either didn't understand something about what I was building or 
didn't care."

Oracle doesn't care because, well, they don't have to --- it's one of 
the bad things about near-monopoly (in the commercial sector, that is;  
as open source DBs erode their business increasingly, they'll care 
more.  M$ certainly has started to care a lot more over the last few 
years as they've been challenged in sensitive areas.)  The Linux guys 
didn't care because, well, installing Linux wasn't a problem *for 
them,* they were all turbo-UNIX geeks, sysadmins and so forth.  
(Anybody else remember e.g. Sun's old SunOS pre-4.0 installation 
process?  I always thought Linux was *easy* to install. ;-)

Less unnecessary complexity.  Relentless pursuit of simplicity.


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