[FoRK] Dave Winner go bye bye

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Tue Jun 15 20:06:36 PDT 2004

Many a year ago Dave Winer (whineboy, whinebaby, whineyonthemoon) made a
plop on Fork only to be sent packing by several and sundry forkers.Thats
the back story to this..

Last week I wrote this on Slashdot...
Re:No one controls RSS (Score:4, Insightful)
by tomwhore (10233) on 03:22 PM June 10th, 2004 (#9392843)
(http://wsmf.org/ | Last Journal: 03:39 PM February 19th, 2003)
Dave is historicaly a pain in the ass. FreeSoftware/OpenSource should be
able to get around ego centric pains in the ass, so let it be with RSS.

Bye Bye Dave


Today I see this on slashdot
"Citing the high costs of running the free service, performance concerns,
and health problems, Dave Winer closed down the weblogs.com hosting
service without any prior notice. As many as 3000 sites are now
inacessible, and the users who want to transfer their data elsewhere have
to ask (politely) for it to be exported. As might be expected, reactions
range from understanding to enraged. Netcraft has a report, too."

Hey, color me amused:)-


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