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Subject: Low-elevation skymapping at 2.45 Ghz
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Telescopes are sold for < $200 which include
programmable positioning devices (2 axes obvioiusly).  I suppose
its just a reduction drive and the usual electro-mech-control stuff but
it implies a high degree of angular resolution for cheap. Has anyone:

1. ever used the refractor type telescope tube as-is as a super-long
pringles directional
802.11 antenna?   In fact the front optics may not interfere...

2. ever used the electronically controlled mount on a steady platform
and a highly directional antenna (dishes included) to really see
what the world really looks like at 2.mumble Ghz passive with
an 802.11 decoder?   I mean, radio astronomers do detailed
sky surveys all the time.  Why restrict yourself to the sky?

(Yes, I realize our friends at Ft Meade have probably been using
scanning-tunnelling-microscope type piezo-servo actuators to
keep a steady gaze for some time..)

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