[FoRK] Open-Source Communities and ERP-Software?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Jun 16 06:24:27 PDT 2004

It's possible, and preferrable, that all databases be able to do a full 
dump to SQL commands so that a complete installation in all details 
could be created from it.  Being able to export/import does not seem to 
be common knowledge among some DBAs I know.  I don't think that it used 
to be standard.  I first noticed and used it with MySQL.  I was using 
Sybase for a long time after and before Oracle, MS SQL , and DB2 
projects, so it's possible I was just looking at the wrong databases at 
the time.

I dabble in databases, sometimes deeply, but track many other things 
more than all capabilities of database server software.

I found one reference for Oracle, although it looks like the database 
server must be offline to run.  It would be nice to have a concise 
reference for export/dump and loading options available.

I see that the capabilities have grown nicely to include XML dump and 
tuning of the SQL output compatible with these databases:
|mysql323|, |mysql40|, |postgresql|, |oracle|, |mssql|, |db2|, |sapdb

Here's a shareware tool to convert Access to MySQL SQL statements if you 
get stuck with that:

J.Andrew Rogers wrote:

> On Jun 15, 2004, at 10:16 AM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>>  I like PostgreSQL in principle because it is versioning based which 
>> I firmly believe is the correct solution, but MySQL is just so darned 
>> easy to do everything with.  Why is it, for instance, that other 
>> databases need expensive add-on tools to do a complete dump of 
>> structure and data of a database and reload it at any point?
> What do you mean by "complete dump of structure and data"?  How is 
> this standard from a bog standard export/dump?  As far as I know, all 
> databases come with a standard way to turn some or all of the data and 
> structure into an equivalent set of SQL commands.  This isn't an 
> expensive add-on, this a standard tool.  Am I misunderstanding what 
> you mean?
> There are expensive add-on tools that can do this too, but the ability 
> to selectively import and export structure and data SQL isn't what you 
> are paying for.
> j. andrew rogers
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