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"Gmail ... [has] gained cult-like status where net-d0rks feel self 
validated by having
a gmail address and will do anything to get one"


The people on this planet suck. I want out.

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Posted by: michael, on 2004-06-18 23:07:00
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   from the you've-got-google dept.
   roadies writes "Despite all the negativity and privacy concerns that
   surround Gmail, it has still gained cult-like status where net-d0rks
   feel self validated by having a gmail address and will do anything to
   get one. Services like the [1]Gmail Machine, a randomized Gmail lotto
   that has people hitting refresh until they get carpel-tunnel in the
   index finger, reports over 7 million pageviews (though, definitely not
   uniques) in 3 days and 55 invites given away. They just added 222 more
   through donators who have given up invites in exchange for a text link
   on the high-traffic site. [2]GmailSwap (covered [3]recently on /.) has
   given away everything from [4]cameras to [5]good vibes. Good news for
   hardpressed geeks: The invites are becoming more and more available
   and mainstream. Ebay once had gmail invites going for a couple hundred
   dollars. Now, [6]nobody is bidding on them anymore, so you can
   purchase one the old-fashioned eBay way for a dollar or two." Reader
   [7]marklyon writes "Third party developers have stepped in with
   utilities that enhance and improve GMail. One utility, [8]Mbox &
   Maildir to Gmail Loader allows users to upload their existing email to
   their GMail account. Another, [9]POP Goes the GMail, offers the
   ability to access your GMail account with any POP mail reader, giving
   users the ability to permanently archive messages. [10]GTray lives in
   your taskbar and alerts you to incoming messages. Other, more general
   programs, allow you to forward your [11]Hotmail or [12]Yahoo! Mail
   messages to your new GMail account. The question that remains,
   however, is whether Google will work with or against third party
   developers in GMail's future."


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