[FoRK] Mozel Tov Rohit!

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Jul 1 19:23:30 PDT 2004

 From one who has been there, managed to get free not a moment too soon, 
and yet appears to be approaching said state yet again, eventually 
anyway, a few words of unasked-for advice:

(1)  It's not too late.
(2)  Prenup.
(3)  Elope if you've got to.  5-figure parties rarely give 5-figure IRR.

I guess it's probably unavoidable for you, though;  it's one of those 
things.  Some of us are just seem to be destined to be hooked up and 
all slathered in love like a chicken-fried steak in cream gravy.  Like 
chicken-fried steak, generally speaking, you might as well call it 
wonderful, even if it puts on the pounds, ratchets up the blood 
pressure, and puts you on the fast track for a heart attack.

(In all seriousness:  congrats and good luck! :-) :-)


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