[FoRK] Artificial sweeteners may interfere with body's ability to regulate food intake

Michael mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu
Mon Jul 5 03:26:50 PDT 2004

>As someone enjoying a very successful weight-loss program, I found
>this interesting.
Cutting off the soda alone made a major impact on my weight-loss. I 
still drink some but I probably drink as much in a couple weeks as I 
used to drink in a day. I do drink mostly diet soda now but I try to 
avoid drinking to much of that either. The caffine is still bad for you 
and even without the sugar the soda is still bad for your bones and 
teeth. Your story about sweeteners is further reason to avoid all sodas 
I guess. I wonder which sweeteners they studied though as there is quite 
an assortment. I wonder if there is a difference between products using 
something like Equal and those using something like Splenda. I use 
Splenda to cook with a lot so that'd be a consideration for me.

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