[FoRK] seeking AI talent.

justin corwin outlawpoet at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 17:14:53 PDT 2004

Hi FoRK,

I'm kind of a lurker, but I thought it might be of interest to some
that A2I2, whom I work for, has released a news post on our project,
and is now advertising for more talent.

Working for A2I2 has really been a great experience for me, getting to
work full time on the kinds of problems that I had to do on my own, in
my spare time.

Artificial Intelligence is seen my many in the CS community to be kind
of fringe, but we're making genuine strides forward with a test-heavy,
empiricist approach. And with all the new development, we really need
new talented people. Sadly, the budget is kind of shoestring, as these
things always are. But I've got equity in the company, and having been
here since January, have only become more impressed with the approach
and the technology.

We're working in C#, which was set before I came here. But I've come
to appreciate it as a decent language, even if it irritates my higher

You can email me privately for more details is you like, please see
the links below for more information.

A  news update: http://adaptiveai.com/news/index.htm

Please also see our ad for AI Psychologists:

sorry if this isn't kosher, I read FoRK every day and thought people
here might find it interesting or worth responding to. and we need to
throw the net wide to find candidates.

Justin Corwin
outlawpoet at hell.com

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