[FoRK] NYTimes.com Article: Sex May Be Happiness, but Wealth Isn' t Sexiness

Bill Stoddard bill at wstoddard.com
Mon Jul 12 07:43:27 PDT 2004

khare at alumni.caltech.edu wrote:

> Divorce, on the other
> hand, imposes an emotional toll of about $66,000 a year,
> though there may be a short-term economic gain from the
> immediate relief provided by leaving your spouse. 

What freaking planet do these researchers live on?  Divorce in every single case I have first hand knowledge 
of is a -big- financial hit to both parties, and particularly to the males who did not initiate the divorce. 
Screwed emotionally -and- financially, exponentially so when children are involved. Blah. Double blah.


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