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Mon Jul 19 22:40:14 PDT 2004

So what's the latency going to be like, I wonder?

- Joe

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Interesting story in The Star (Canada) about this weekend's launch of 
Telesat Canada's new Internet broadcast satellite:

    Canadians should care about this moment -- about this particular
    satellite. Anik F2 is more than just the largest and heaviest of
    commercial satellites in the world, it's also the first to combine
    cutting edge Ka-band technology with older and less powerful Ku- and
    C-band transponders. The latter two will continue to carry Canada's
    television and telecommunications signals, but the powerful Ka-band
    "spot beams" will, for the first time, let an Anik satellite deliver
    two-way, broadband Internet service to any location in North America
    at a price that's competitive with residential cable or DSL
    high-speed services.

    Previously, you'd have to spend at least a couple hundred dollars a
    month to get high-speed access to your cottage or rural business.
    Bush estimates Telesat's consumer high-speed Internet service, which
    will be sold through a distribution network yet to be announced (but
    likely to include Bell Canada), will cost only 5 to 10 per cent more
    than what Torontonians pay for high-speed services from Sympatico
    and Rogers.

(/Thanks, JP <http://www.parres.com/john>!/)

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