[FoRK] Who would bin Laden vote for?

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Tue Jul 20 13:02:32 PDT 2004

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Russell Turpin writes:
> Owen Byrne:
> >The problem now, IMO, is that all those Republicans
> >are unwilling to admit they have been duped. They
> >would rather continue to believe the lies, at least until something forces 
> >them to admit their own stupidity (and complicity), which a terrorist 
> >attack might do, much as it did in Spain.
> In my opinion, this last is completely wrong. The US
> isn't Spain. If there is a significant terrorist attack on
> US soil, it will cause an unthinking reaction of "gathering
> around the President." It will mobilize the conservatives
> to vote for Bush, and it will swing undecideds in that
> direction. Yeah, I know: that makes no sense. But
> that's how I think the psychology would work. The
> US is not Spain.

as far as I know, the big issue in Spain was the government's ham-handed
attempts to spin the attack away from al-Qaeda, blaming ETA instead.
This was quickly exposed, and *that* is what enraged the voters enough to
vote them out.

Now that could never happen in the US, because it requires a free press.

- --j.
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