[FoRK] I believe Adam was joking about this...

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Fri Jul 23 23:53:21 PDT 2004

With the arrival of the new HD TiVo in our house, Adam's insisted I'd 
even watch a Pauly Shore marathon if only it were in 1080i... well:

A cover story from HighDef magazine!!

> Pauly Shore, under the banner of his Landingpatch Productions, 
> recently wrapped his directorial
> feature debut on YouÕll Never Wiez in This Town Again, which he wrote, 
> produced and starred in. The semi-autobiographical dark comedy also 
> stars Earl Brown, Jaime Bergman and a long list of cameos by well 
> known actors and rockers. Highdef Magazine met up with Shore, who is 
> now looking for a distribution deal for the newly completed feature.
> b y D e b r a K a u f m a n

> Q: Tell us a little about the genesis of this film project.
> A: I wrote the first draft about six months after my show got canceled 
> in 1997. I wrote it out of
> a depression, about not being hot anymore. I decided to make a movie 
> about the experience, but
> make a comedy about it. So many of these Òwhere are they nowÓ stories 
> end up in drugs and suicide.
> I wanted to make fun of it and include a lot of people in it who are 
> going through the same thingÉ
> but mix it up with the A list crowd so the movieÕs got some 
> credibility.
> After I wrote the script, no one wanted it. Absolutely nobody. It just 
> sat there for
> awhile and I got frustrated and questioned myself. I signed with an 
> agent and started going
> on auditions. It got to the point where I realized that no one was 
> going to give me the
> money to do this project, so I decided to do it myself. I told my two 
> assistants, Dean and
> Bobby, weÕre going to do this and you guys are the producersÉ are you 
> with me or not? I
> would be the producer as well as director.
> Q: Did you initially contemplate shooting in film?
> A: Yes, I went that route for a little bit. But then my cameraman 
> Brian Pratt, whom IÕve
> worked with on my MTV show and with whom I have great trust and 
> rapport, turned me
> on to High Definition. He was one of the first cinematographers to own 
> a HD camera [the
> 1080/30i Sony HDW-700A]. Brian
> did a test, transferring HD to film and
> I liked the way it looked. He took his
> camera, lights and three-person crew
> and we just started shooting.


PS. Anyone out there willing to help me post my wedding video... which 
was shot in HDCAM (!) ???

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