[FoRK] Downloading services recommendation

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Sat Jul 31 16:34:58 PDT 2004

Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> My daughter want's to download songs for a portable MP3 player or CDRs.
> I decided to check out what commercial services are available and I 
> keep finding $1-2/mo. services that seem questionable, but have 
> language that insists that they are legal.  Any opinions?
> Many, like the first one, also offter movie, software, game, books, 
> image, and even newsgroup access included.
> On my first google:
> https://secure.downloads-unlimited.com/?source=google&kw=musicdownloadservices 
> http://www.mymusicinc.com/home.htm
> http://www.imusicpro.com/secure.aspx
> http://www.easymusicdownload.com/index.asp?cart=1
All of those look like they're just front ends to various p2p networks 
and/or newsgroups - they seem to be
selling stuff you can get for free - perhaps it is worth something to 
avoid spyware. .
This one was mentioned somewhere a while back - I tried it out - and it 
works pretty well - it is legal (in Russia)
and pays something (not very much obviously) to artists.


> The price of the files that you download is determined by the quality 
> of the file you choose to download. The price is determined by the 
> file size and type.
> The price of 1 Mb of the files marked as VIP or Online Encoding is 
> 0.01 USD.
> The price of 1 Mb of the files marked as Online Encoding Exclusive is 
> 0.02 USD.

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