[FoRK] Keeping it under wraps till November 3.

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Mon Aug 2 19:01:42 PDT 2004

Bill Stoddard wrote:

> Owen Byrne wrote:
>> Thank god the US liberated those orphanages.
>> Owen
> Orphanage my ass.  I call "cheap shot".  I have no idea what the 'real 
> deal' is here but some pro gun-control groups routinely classify as 
> 'children' anyone under the age of 21.  And a 14 year old Iraqi with 
> an AK47 can kill you just as dead as a 21 year old.
> Bill
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Cheap shot my ass. I'm sure we all remember when the US media paraded 
the children had liberated from Saddam's prisons. Less publicized was 
the fact that they were actually orphanages. But when the US locks up 
children - and goes to great effort to hide it -  lets just give them 
the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps the goal is to ensure that whatever dictator the US is planning 
to put in place when they cut and run - he'll look a whole lot better 
than an American occupation.
(Now thats a cheap shot)


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