[FoRK] Dean gets its right

Bill Stoddard bill at wstoddard.com
Tue Aug 3 13:43:08 PDT 2004

Owen Byrne wrote:

> /“It's hard to know what to make. None of us outside the administration 
> have access to the intelligence, which led to this determination. I am 
> concerned that every time something happens that's not good for 
> President Bush he plays this trump card, which is terrorism. His whole 
> campaign is based on the notion that "I can keep you safe, therefore at 
> times of difficulty for America stick with me," and then out comes Tom 
> Ridge. It's just impossible to know how much of this is real and how 
> much of this is politics, and I suspect there's some of both in it.”
> /and again he's dismissed as somehow "not mainstream" - I guess that 
> means not brainwashed.
> http://nytimes.com/2004/08/03/politics/03intel.html?hp
> Owen

Owen, I am not sure I see your point. Trump card? How is announcing a terror thread based, in part, on 3 or 4 
year old information in -any- way "good" for the bush administration?  What would Dean say if bushco sat on 
the information? Or announced it but did not 'act' on the information (by raising the terror threat level) and 
subsequently one of the institutions was blown up with a truck bomb?  This is a complete no win situation for 
bushco (was in the beginning and is now) and Dean is trying to spin it as some sort of sneaky assed bushco 
conspiricy. The guy needs to get a life and lay off the crack pipe.


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