[FoRK] particularly unsafe stretches of CA highway

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Tue Aug 3 19:55:12 PDT 2004

Rohit Khare wrote:

>  [Just drove back on something similar, Hwy 58 in the Mojave (though
>  395 sounds much 'worse'). Can't even remember what it must have been
>  like without the confidence of the XLR V8 to go passing when I used
>  to take my Bonneville out on that route to Vegas...]

You know... if I hear ONE MORE WORD about the XLR I'm going to
PUKE my GUTS out in the general direction of Rohit.

I'm just saying... you know.

>  Since 1992, there have been more than 2,000 crashes along a 90-mile
>  stretch of U.S. 395 near Ridgecrest. About 150 people have died. By
>  Sharon Bernstein Times Staff Writer

You know, if people knew how to drive on a twisty two-lane highway,
this wouldn't be a problem.

Or, shit, make it I-7, four lanes, flat and straight as the I-5.

- Joe

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