[FoRK] Dean gets its right

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Tue Aug 3 20:26:43 PDT 2004

At 08:29 PM 8/3/2004, Bill Stoddard wrote:
>Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:
>>On 3-Aug-04, at 1:43 PM, Bill Stoddard wrote:
>>>Owen, I am not sure I see your point. Trump card? How is announcing a 
>>>terror thread based, in part, on 3 or 4 year old information in -any- 
>>>way "good" for the bush administration?  What would Dean say if bushco 
>>>sat on the information? Or announced it but did not 'act' on the 
>>>information (by raising the terror threat level) and subsequently one of 
>>>the institutions was blown up with a truck bomb?  This is a complete no 
>>>win situation for bushco (was in the beginning and is now) and Dean is 
>>>trying to spin it as some sort of sneaky assed bushco conspiricy. The 
>>>guy needs to get a life and lay off the crack pipe.
>>The attached article contains a number of the key facets to the 
>>debate.  One interesting snippet:
>>"The power of the presidency is unprecedented in its ability to command 
>>attention and allow the commander in chief to be on the offense every 
>>day," said Scott Reed, who managed Bob Dole's campaign in 1996 against 
>>incumbent President Bill Clinton. "The events of the last 24 hours remind 
>>voters that they have a commander in chief, and it probably raises more 
>>questions about changing horses in midstream."
>I don't deny the possibility of the bush administration exploiting the 
>terror issue in unethical ways for political gain but I honestly don't see 
>-this- issue as an exploit, unethical or otherwise. I wish Dean would have 
>won the nomination. He has integrity that I don't see in Kerry but 
>comments like this seriously undermine his credibility and casts doubt on 
>his judgement.

They've known about this information since july 13th. Lemme tell ya, one of 
my clients was among the hit list. They are NOT happy campers. It's not 
like they aren't prepared, but they are STILL unpleased to learn that the 
administration has known about the surveillance/target info for this long 
and only now decided to make a big deal of it. EXCUSE ME?

"We're in a fucking stagmire."

       --Little Carmine, 'The Sopranos'  

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