[FoRK] Keeping it under wraps till November 3.

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 4 06:24:14 PDT 2004

Bill Humphries:
>Okay, all you libertarians, conservatives, war-
>supporters, and other fellow travelers avert your eyes.

Uh, Bill. Bush is the most anti-libertarian President
in recent memory. He has attacked civil liberties,
has appointed authoritarian judges who will read the
Bill of Rights quite narrowly, expanded the size and
cost of government, has pushed through a new, costly
entitlement program that in fact is a subsidy for
drug companies, and has signed every piece of pork
produced during his term, putting him on the road to
be the first President since the 18th century to not
veto a single bill. That's the opposite of everything
libertarians want.

Most libertarians I know -- and that's quite a few --
are voting for Kerry this year, because they fear
another four years of Bush more than they want
to express their political views by voting third
party. I say that with no aspersion to Badnarik. He
just happened to run in a year when choosing the
lesser of the two major evils is really, really
important. I voted for the LP candidate in 2000, and
wasn't really concerned that Bush won. Like many
others, I had no idea how bad he would be, and saw
only different bad, not necessarily worse bad, coming
from him rather than Gore. For that, I humbly
apologize. I'm not making the same mistake this year.

In my view, anyone who calls themself libertarian
and supports Bush should stop the charade. They're not
libertarian. Maybe they're a neo-con or a theocrat. I
can't think of anything about Bush that a libertarian
would like. Yeah, he has cut tax rates. A little bit.
But he has expanded spending so drastically, including
long-term committments, that any current tax savings
is more honestly viewed as a tax deferal. Personally,
I don't see putting an IOU into your child's bassinet
because you didn't pay the tax today, all while
increasing spending, as a particularly a libertarian

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