[FoRK] Hello mudda... hello fadda.

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Aug 4 12:26:09 PDT 2004

Whump quoth:

> Okay, all you libertarians, conservatives, war-supporters, and other
> fellow travelers avert your eyes.
> Send money. Kerry's using public financing, but the Democratic National
> Committee, MoveOn and others can use your tall dollars.

No need to avert eyes here.  This libertarian / fiscal conservative's 
all about Kerry, because Bush is just about as antithetical to the 
libertarian and fiscal conservative position as one can be.  We just 
can't handle another 4 years of this turkey.  So yeah, Kerry's had some 
of my dollars to date, repugnant as that thought is to me at some 
level, and will get my vote.

This despite the fact that Badnarik is from my hometown and shares a 
former employer w/ me.  (ETI.)  Ugh.  Problem is, protest votes are 
just too dangerous this time around;  the message has to be loud and 
clear:  GOP, clean up your fucking act.  Then maybe us libs, indies, 
and so forth can go back to default-voting for you.


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