[FoRK] I wouldn't have bet on this... TiVO gets nod.

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Aug 4 13:47:41 PDT 2004

Despite all evidence to the contrary, it appears that on rare occasion 
the FCC can get something right*:


* well, "right" if you consider that TiVo's already bent over and 
spread 'em for the content lobby to a disgusting degree...  still, I 
wouldn't have bet on this outcome.  Better'n nuthin.


TiVo gets nod to share digital shows
Company's technology that permits users to send shows over the Internet 
receives FCC approval.
August 4, 2004: 1:21 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - TiVo Inc., maker of popular digital television 
recording devices, Wednesday received approval for technology that 
would permit users to send copies of digital broadcast shows over the 

The Federal Communications Commission voted to certify digital 
protections on TiVoToGo, which is not yet available but would enable a 
user to record and send a digital broadcast television show to up to 
nine other registered people who have a key allowing them to see it.

The approval came despite concerns by the Motion Picture Association of 
America and the National Football League about the risks of unfettered 
distribution of copyrighted shows and illegally airing sports games 
outside of authorized markets.

The FCC last year adopted rules to limit distribution of digital, 
over-the-air television programs over the Internet in an effort to 
prevent mass illegal copying and sharing, a problem plaguing the music 

Most current television shows are shown in an analog format and can 
lose some quality when recorded. But recorded digital programs do not 
suffer from that problem, leading to industry concerns about unfettered 
mass redistribution on the Internet.

The FCC last November required companies to develop measures to prevent 
consumers from indiscriminately distributing the higher quality digital 
television shows over the Web.

In addition to approving TiVo's application, the FCC certified 11 other 
technologies proposed, including ones by software giant Microsoft, 
(MSFT: up $0.02 to $28.09, Research, Estimates) Sony Corp., and 
RealNetworks Inc. (RNWK: Research, Estimates) for protecting 
distribution of digital television broadcasts.

The agency said it did not adopt limits on where the content could be 
sent because the proposed technologies "employ different combinations 
of device limits, interactive authentication and affinity-based 
mechanisms to restrict distribution."

TiVo plans to launch a version of TiVoToGo this fall that would allow 
users to transfer recorded shows to a home computer but has not said 
when it would launch its version that would allow shows to be shared 
outside the home.

TiVo (TIVO: up $0.10 to $5.21, Research, Estimates) shares jumped on 
the news as much as 11 percent and at midday on Nasdaq it was trading 
up 15 cents, or 2.9 percent, to $5.26.  Top of page
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