[FoRK] Re: I wouldn't have bet on this... TiVO gets nod.

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Aug 4 19:35:31 PDT 2004

And then, just when you think the clue train is slowly pulling away 
from the station:


FCC Rules VoIP Must Be Tappable
The Internet
United States
Posted by timothy on Wednesday August 04, @06:51PM
from the that-brother-keeps-growing-bigger dept.

pengie2 writes "The FCC has unanimously approved the U.S. Justice 
Department's bid to expand CALEA to broadband and VoIP networks, 
according to reports from SecurityFocus and News.com. This means, 
following a mandatory public comment period, service providers will 
have to wire their networks for easy law enforcement surveillance, the 
way phone companies do now. The feds have wanted this for a long time." 
Ebon Praetor adds a link to Reuters' version, writing "In addition, the 
FCC has decided that the push-to-talk, or walkie-talkie, functions 
available on phones from Nextel should also be subject to the same 
tapping regulations that regular phones are."


Que es mas macho?

	Legislating morality, or legislating technology?

No sé.


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