[FoRK] Re: I wouldn't have bet on this... TiVO gets nod.

Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) fork at ianbell.com
Wed Aug 4 19:50:15 PDT 2004

That's not entirely the correct interpretation of the law.

The ruling asks for CALEA for any VoIP service which substantially 
replaces a primary line service.  Exceptions would include services 
like Skype and FWD.  Though this is a dangerous releasing of the genie 
from the bottle, I suppose.


On 4-Aug-04, at 7:35 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:

> And then, just when you think the clue train is slowly pulling away 
> from the station:
> 	http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/08/04/2212251
> FCC Rules VoIP Must Be Tappable
> Privacy
> The Internet
> United States
> Posted by timothy on Wednesday August 04, @06:51PM
> from the that-brother-keeps-growing-bigger dept.
> pengie2 writes "The FCC has unanimously approved the U.S. Justice 
> Department's bid to expand CALEA to broadband and VoIP networks, 
> according to reports from SecurityFocus and News.com. This means, 
> following a mandatory public comment period, service providers will 
> have to wire their networks for easy law enforcement surveillance, the 
> way phone companies do now. The feds have wanted this for a long 
> time." Ebon Praetor adds a link to Reuters' version, writing "In 
> addition, the FCC has decided that the push-to-talk, or walkie-talkie, 
> functions available on phones from Nextel should also be subject to 
> the same tapping regulations that regular phones are."
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