[FoRK] New Mexico for Kerry, maybe Was: Re: Hello mudda... hello fadda.

Marty Halvorson martyh at nmcourts.com
Thu Aug 5 13:16:46 PDT 2004

New Mexico voted for Gore last time around by less than 400 votes (and that 
was ultimately decided by the votes from Rio Arriba county, a VERY strong 
democratic county that has been known in the past to allow votes by the 
dead).  The folks in Santa Fe will almost certainly vote for Kerry, the 
rest may just vote for the Leader of the Pack.

We had a Republican governor for the 8 years prior to Richardson, and 
listening to the wind, Richardson isn't viewed very favorably (I loved the 
editorial cartoon in the ABQ Journal today.  It showed how access to Cheney 
{who was here last week} was achieved via signing a form declaring support 
for Bush.  Access to Richardson was achieved via signing a check made out 
to one of his PACs).  We have three Republican congresscritters of the five 
(two representatives and one senator).

In short, New Mexico is a real toss up this year.

Marty Halvorson
marty at nmcourts.com
505 476 6916 

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